GMD 83: Everyday Life

The bishops remind all Catholics that the main thrust of evangelization is not the debate between Catholics and non-Catholics (apologetics) not is it programs like religious education (or even RCIA).

They intend the three goals to be lived out “in the family and the workplace, in our neighborhoods and associations, in the way we live.” (GMD 83)

The pope illustrates this in his dialogue with Eugenio Scalfari, that editor of La Repubblica. You think that was a media interview? lol

Pope Francis was schooling 1.2 billion Catholics in evangelical dialogue as a facet of his daily life. Even that little bit near the beginning that relates how the scheduling took place–that was part of the plan. What we’re watching is what went on behind Fulton Sheen’s closed doors and the society page notices of Catholic converts in the last century. We’re watching how to do it in our own lives, even quite possibly with “inaccurate” theology.

The US bishops, in 1992, realized this somewhat when they wrote:

Catholics will be able to affect people in everyday life long before they are invited to a parish or to a formal religious event. All evangelization planning basically strives to make more possible the kind of everyday exchange between believers and unbelievers, which is the thrust of evangelization.

The first step is not education, indoctrination, or finger-wagging. It is cultivating everyday relationships.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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