The Anchoress summarizes no less than twenty Catholic bloggers on Pope Francis. I’ve been a pretty happy camper the past several months, and I don’t feel the need to gorge myself on an apologetics-fest on the Holy Father. But if anybody else sees anything interesting, let the rest of us know.

A side note here: I took a poke at Elizabeth back in July. She emailed me recently and asked where I found that capsule bio. It was on the Patheos web site, but it appears to have vanished. I don’t really think that the Catholic channel host is primarily about wit and politics. She puts “Benedictine oblate” first on her capsule self-description. I believe that.

If you surfed the Catholic internet, you’d get the impression that American Catholics are deeply divided over the newest pope. That survey came out this week with favorable outpolling unfavorable 89 to 4. And two-thirds of Catholics interpreting recent Catholic episcopal chit-chat/homilies being too obsessed with sex. “We’re only sex-obsessed in response to a culture that’s sex-obsessed,” the rejoinder usually goes. The bishops have company. I think the same of the means of lots of other public media.

Now I think we’ll shift the obsession a bit. Instead of examining one’s own life and lining up how we fare with evangelization, dialogue, mercy, and the smell of sheep, we have updated translations and some commentators reassuring the startled sheep that all is really well.

I don’t get all the punditry, honestly. It used to be that all the dumb Catholics in need of catechesis were the ones that dissented from the St Blog’s party line.

In real life, I’d be hard-pressed to find the 4% in my parish community that disapprove of Pope Francis. There’s a lot of excitement from where I sit.

* What Did Pope Francis Really Say?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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