Light Posting For a Few Days

You readers may get a few posts tomorrow. Maybe not. Maybe nothing till Wednesday night. I was doing most of my internet work from bed today–due to a combination of a head cold and fall allergies. I have a few things in the queue, but nothing really complete. I’m hoping to get back to the parish office tomorrow before hitting the road mid-afternoon.

We have some family travels ahead this week. The young miss has her biannual cardiology check-up in Kansas City Wednesday morning. Her long-time doctor has shifted into research and administration, and we’ve been assigned another specialist. That wasn’t a popular move with my daughter (there were tears) as she has a good attachment to a fine physician who has seen her through childhood, answering all her and our questions along the way with frank optimism about the future.

I suggested that maybe it was time to cancel our appointment and shift from pediatric cardiology. Our daughter is seventeen. My wife reminded me we have other procedures scheduled with radiology, and maybe this isn’t the time to bail on a good hospital’s clinic.

Good point, sweetie.

I’m in week four of my Ignatian retreat and struggling with the quality of gratitude.

I think I’m fine with being thankful on my terms. People do things for me. I feel grateful. Things don’t go my way. I’m still called, I feel, to be thankful–and this is difficult. At least I want to go into gratitude with a grimace, a parting shot, or a little resentment. Or a little something held in reserve: that is the spiritual tripping point for me. Let’s smile and be polite on the surface while nursing that interior grudge.

I was a bit skeptical of doing the Exercises online, but I’m finding the experience to be a serious one. I’ll have two two-hundred minute drives in the next two days. The women will be slumbering in the vehicle–nothing like an afternoon nap. So I will have some quiet time to process my feelings about my daughter’s and wife’s medical conditions, and check myself for ingratitude, that root of much sinfulness.

Oh, and Saturday, another college road trip. I’m not as familiar with this college, but a parishioner/alum recommended it highly. Other parishioners, even the ones that work for Iowa State, are eager with suggesting possible landings for higher education.

The place we visited last is in pursuit. We’ve been invited to a reception in Des Moines next week. My wife has her weekly small group. So it looks like a quick trip for me and the young miss. I suspect Creighton is still her number one. But there are a few public universities to check, plus some good colleges in Iowa. More travels ahead. I’ll keep you posted.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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