Vatican Medal Error

This happened to the US Mint a few times in the early days. Like the fraction turned infinite number 1/000 on 1801 and 1802 cents. Or the pile-up of three errors on this coin.

When the Vatican misspells “Jesus,” what do you do?

James Martin SJ on it:

Recalled Vatican medal says Lesus instead of Jesus. Wonder how Mary’s husband Loseph feels about it.

Somebody blamed the “Lesuits.” Actually, it wasn’t the Vatican so much as the Italian State Mint. People “loked” about spell-check, but I don’t know if that exists for the “Jatin Janguage.”

There was an issue of 6,000, and it seems the four that were sold will become wildly valuable collector’s items now that the other 5,996 mistakes will be melted down for a do-over.

I would love to have one of these. But I suppose in honor of the Holy Father I’d have to sell it and give the proceeds to the poor.

One of my favorite recent “errors” is featured on the Tennessee quarter from 2001. That five-string guitar. They made several hundred million, and with no strummers were on the quality control committee, this mistake was allowed to pass unnoticed … until musicians caught the change.

If you want to check your state quarter stash, take a second look at your Kansas quarters. Some of them had a spot of grease in the die on the US motto, so it came out looking like “IN GOD WE RUST.” Don’t get too excited about a find. Dust and grease in the die happens fairly often. For circulating coins, the Mint doesn’t get too finicky about small details like that.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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