GMD 103: Cultural and Ethnic Spirituality

Let’s wrap up our long examination of objectives and strategies for that first GMD goal, enlivening faith and sharing it:

To foster greater appreciation of cultural and ethnic spirituality

At first glance, one might ask what this has to do with evangelization. But it is essential for all levels of effective evangelization to be aware of what believers and non-believers are bringing to the Church, potentially, in terms of their spirituality. And part of this is culture-driven.

A bride taking flowers to the Blessed Mother is a religious/devotional/spiritual act. But the practice is rooted in certain ethnic cultures, and not found in others.

Possible strategies are listed:

  • celebration of the spiritual diversity of the different cultures that make up the Church in the United States;
  • acknowledgment of and respect for various forms of personal piety;
  • celebration of cultural traditions; and
  • encouragement of a variety of musical and cultural expressions.

#2 has not been our strong suit since Vatican II, or likely even before that. #3 and #4 have some support from the secular culture.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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