GMD 108: Sharing Faith in Households

Family is important in the Catholic view, but does it get matched up with evangelization in the view of lay persons? The second objective of goal number two reads:

To develop within families and households the capacity to share the Gospel

Strategy one: employ programs to assist parents as the primary faith sharers with their children. Does this get emphasized at baptism?

Family-to-family outreach is also cited. But with parishes being the programming center of the Church’s ministry efforts, this probably gets minimal attention.

Assisting families to share faith: these cover the third and fourth strategies.

In addition to American reticence about sharing faith, the other obstacle involved in these goals is the professionalization of religious formation. Many parents send their kids to Catholic school or enroll them in faith formation because they prefer, in part, to delegate an expertise many of them feel they lack.

“Programs” are cited in this section. I suppose these are inevitable. But they must give parents the tools to develop a faith-sharing mindset, and be there until these lay people feel empowered to do this more readily and more easily.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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