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The Spotlight on Honduras

America continues a raft of recent coverage of Honduras with an aptly titled “Sin and Grace …” piece on the blog today. Our faith community’s sister parish is in the mountainous region of western Honduras. So this is a bit … Continue reading

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War on Halloween

In the expression of military genius that we call the culturewar, the Christians strike back. Some of them, anyway. Commentary at First Things here, basically suggesting it’s time to chill, like a cold autumn night. Does the opposition to Halloween … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Sirach 41:1-4a

Sometimes death is a welcome relief from suffering. Dare we say it? Sometimes we do. And in church circles there may be some degree of trepidation mouthing that sentiment. We accept life from conception to natural death, do we not? … Continue reading

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Long Songs: “Traces of the Western Slopes”

Ever since I began collecting vinyl in my college days, I loved long songs. Not endless jams, mind you. But significant musical pieces that really gave an artist a palette on which to paint a significant story. Why? I listened to … Continue reading

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German Bishop On Leave

Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst gets some distance from his diocese in an uproar over overspending and perhaps and overbearing style of governance. Pope Francis didn’t remove him permanently, but people are skeptical the so-called Bishop Bling could return. Franz-Josef Bode, bishop … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 166

Some thoughts on Word and Communion services on weekdays: [166.] Likewise, especially if Holy Communion is distributed during such celebrations, the diocesan Bishop, to whose exclusive competence this matter pertains, must not easily grant permission for such celebrations to be … Continue reading

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GMD 111: Ministers of Evangelization

Continuing on our examination of goal number two (GMD 104-116), I’m interested in your thoughts on this. Does a specialized class of evangelization ministers doom an effort to broaden the effort of outreach to include all believers? Will the modern … Continue reading

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