GMD 111: Ministers of Evangelization

Continuing on our examination of goal number two (GMD 104-116), I’m interested in your thoughts on this. Does a specialized class of evangelization ministers doom an effort to broaden the effort of outreach to include all believers? Will the modern American parish then think it’s a committee’s responsibility, and they are “free?”

The bishops endorse “an active core of the baptized to serve as ministers of evangelization in their parishes, dioceses, neighborhoods, workplaces, and homes.” (GMD 111)

Their strategies include the formation of dicoesan committees and a chancery office for evangelization. Has this happened in your diocese?

They also endorse parish evangelization teams. Likewise, has this happened in your parish?

Workshops and support groups for these people are also part of the list. Evangelization, the “new” version, has seen a lot of attention in this regard in recent years. Ralph Martin heads up the only degree program in the US (or maybe even the world) in the new evangelization. I wonder how effective that has been. Twenty graduates in nine years doesn’t seem like much. But it’s a good leaven, I’m sure.

Other schools, strategy number three under thie heading, I’m not sure about. Certainly the work of the Siena Institute falls under this.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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