War on Halloween

In the expression of military genius that we call the culturewar, the Christians strike back. Some of them, anyway.

Commentary at First Things here, basically suggesting it’s time to chill, like a cold autumn night.

Does the opposition to Halloween do their research? Costuming oneself on October 31st isn’t all that old, I’m told. Dressing up like ghosts and witches is more like scaring little kids with a wink than imitating pagans.

Some of our students were getting bothered with the invitation to come to Mass on October 31st dressed in costume. One of our student leaders suggested on Facebook:

You have made valid points to the costume situation.  However, until Fr. Jon, etc. tell me otherwise, people can still wear their costumes DURING (MASS). People will be more likely to wear costumes if they are allowed wear it for more than the 30 minutes after (Mass). People do not want to be spending half the time changing in and out of their costume. How we dress does not define our devotion to our faith.  The people who show up to (Mass) will not be so distracted about wearing costumes that they will suddenly be disrespectful during Mass.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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