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Funeral Lectionary: Sirach 41:11-13

More wisdom from Ben Sira, the author of the Book of Sirach. Our mortality is mentioned only in passing, to drive home the point about the value in having lived a virtuous life. Before using at a funeral, perhaps be sure … Continue reading

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Sex Abuse and Excuses in Latin America

NBC reviews recent problems in Latin America. Journalist Simeon Tegel lays a lot at the feet of “conservative” clergy south of the border. Is that fair? He does mention the wide range of ideological sympathies in Catholic clergy in many … Continue reading

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What’s For Dinner?

Taking the morning off, as I have appointments spread later into the afternoon and early evening, and Mass tonight at 9:15. The young miss liked my last pot of potato soup. My wife complained that she likes meat in her … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 167

Let’s wrap up celebrations without a priest: [167.] “Similarly, it is unthinkable on the Lord’s Day to substitute for Holy Mass either ecumenical celebrations of the word or services of common prayer with Christians from the . . . Ecclesial … Continue reading

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War on Atheists and New Alliances

Amused, dismayed, but not surprised about South Carolina atheists being turned away from volunteering at a soup kitchen. Eve Brannon: I told them we wouldn’t wear our T-shirts. We wouldn’t tell anyone who we are with. We just want to … Continue reading

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The Allure of a Universe

The BBC site is a near-daily visit for me. But fascinating is the consistent popularity of astronomy news. These news items frequently appear on the BBC’s sidebar, “Most Popular In News.” Today it was a distant newly-discovered galaxy churning out … Continue reading

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GMD 112: Invite

Just ask them. Ask them effectively, and I know they will come. It works. We continue with goal number two, and a twofold approach to inviting people to church. The bishops suggest very basic things for themselves: publicity that highlights … Continue reading

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