What’s For Dinner?

Taking the morning off, as I have appointments spread later into the afternoon and early evening, and Mass tonight at 9:15. The young miss liked my last pot of potato soup. My wife complained that she likes meat in her soup, but I think she deemed the chicken broth an adequate base.

In today’s batch:

potato and sausage soup

rosemaryI put in about 3/4 lb of grilled pork sausage. Four russet potatoes. Also garlic, cilantro, brown rice, coconut milk, beef broth, cheddar cheese, fresh cilantro and rosemary. A bit of salt and pepper to taste.

Rosemary is fresh from the kitchen window sill. The smell is still on my fingers. Mmm.

I’m not at all a green thumb person. I try to care for plants, but they don’t always do well with me. This small bush seems to be doing well enough. We have a large enough kitchen that I could probably cultivate some of my favorite herbs. If Rosie survives the winter, maybe I’ll consider it.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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