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Seven-Planet System

Ever hear of the star KIC 11442793? Me either. It’s over 14 quadrillion miles away–a good bet that none of us have ever been there. It now hold the current record of seven planets in orbit. That we know of. … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist Celebrates the Last Sunday in October

This weekend is “Priesthood Sunday.” Is your parish doing anything about it? Check Archbishop Gregory’s thoughts on it. I found a parish in which the pastor wrote up something big in the church bulletin last weekend. Is that kind of … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Isaiah 43:1-3a

Two of the most loved songs in Catholic liturgy (“Be Not Afraid,” “You Are Mine”) are based on this same passage in Isaiah. The message of comfort clearly speaks to many in the modern age. The excerpt I’ve used at … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 168

Let’s wrap up the discussion on the situation of no resident pastor. Although the Church recognizes the eternal nature of ordination (usually) it restricts the employment of priests who are prohibited from exercising the ministries of their office. Hence this … Continue reading

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Café Participation

Adam Wood and I are getting into a decent discussion on participation at the Café. Adam is a good egg. I think he’s colored somewhat by his surroundings, and takes a little too much time to harp on what he … Continue reading

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Archbishop John Nienstedt pledges to restore trust. In reading words like these, I look for how things are expressed. Passive voice: The first thing that must be acknowledged is that over the last decade some serious mistakes have been made. … Continue reading

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I suppose an American would play up the Cardinal Bernardin/Pope Francis commonality. Two leaves from the same branch, perhaps. But let’s keep in mind that Americans constitute a one-figure percentage of Catholics worldwide. This is likely more about two men … Continue reading

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GMD 113: Inactive Catholics

They used to be called “fallen-away,” but these days they are a focus in what is called the “new” evangelization. My main problem with this section is the reliance on programs. Programs are best thought of as structures in which … Continue reading

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