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Coming Up: Mediator Dei

In one of the Chant Cafe¬†threads this week, Kathy Pluth brought out Mediator Dei to explore the notion of participation and to delve deeper into what the council bishops of 1963 might have been thinking when they emphasized¬†active participation in … Continue reading

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Redemptionis Sacramentum 169-171

Chapter VIII deals with “Remedies.” It is the final chapter of Redemptionis Sacramentum and will take us through numbered sections 169 through 184. The end is in sight. [169.] Whenever an abuse is committed in the celebration of the sacred … Continue reading

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Analyzing Folk Music

In medicine, diagnosis is essential. Doctors missed my mother’s heart disease because they were treating her as a female man. They looked at her symptoms in the 90’s, and saw anemia. So she was medicated for anemia and it caused … Continue reading

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Funeral Lectionary: Isaiah 46:3-4

A brief passage here, taken out of context of a larger narrative in Isaiah 46 in which pagan gods are mocked for being empty and powerless statues, dependent on human beings to carry them from place to place. God, however, … Continue reading

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GMD 114: Unchurched People

What about people who don’t go to church, and possibly never have? This section also advocates “programs” to reach out to people who are nominally Christian, but the fire of the Gospel has never been set in their souls. The … Continue reading

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