GMD 124: Arts and Academia

More on goal number three here, but today, we’ll chat briefly about the objective under that intent to infuse society with Christian values and spirit, “To encourage Catholic witness in the arts and in the American intellectual community.”

Within the Church, we have a long way to go on a healthy respect for art. Sport is respected. Money and business management is respected. The latest in computer technology, even though we (including our pastors) don’t understand it–we are told we have to have it. And not just advertisers are on message with this.

A priest I otherwise respect was dissing a nearby retreat center for having drumming. I don’t get that. Dance also gets a widespread disrespect. I understand that a little more, but I still don’t get that.

In sum, we Americans are skeptics on art. But the bishops do endorse using the arts as a way to proclaim the Gospel. That can be done outside of liturgical music. How many parishes have ever done a production of A Man For All Seasons? See what I mean?

Faith support groups for artists are suggested, too.


  • promotion of gospel values in Catholic institutions of higher learning; and
  • support of campus ministries in their Christian witness to institutions of higher learning.

These are two related, but distinct strains: Catholic colleges and the presence of the Church’s ministry at non-Catholic institutions. There’s a lot to be said about GMD 124b, if you will, but I’ll leave it in your hands today.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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