Observing All Souls

In other parishes I’ve served, November 2nd was a big deal. Somewhat in our university parish, but surprisingly, not connected with Mass. Our noon Mass isn’t conducive to a wide participation. I had pushed gently for an evening Mass. That wasn’t popular for a few reasons.

What had been a tradition here was an evening prayer service, with shared remembrances and a reception. With All Souls Day landing on Saturday this year, we had an opportunity for a morning Mass. 59 in attendance, most of whom you can see:

All Souls Mass 2013From left to right, the schola, the pastor preaching, the altar platform well lit, a bit of sunlight shining in the north pews, the paschal candle + book of deceased + candles of remembrance, the great cross, the presider’s chair, and the font (where the book was placed after its blessing).

Afterward, signing the book:

signing names into the book

Any good experiences of this Mass today, or from years past?

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About catholicsensibility

Todd and his family live in Ames, Iowa. He serves a Catholic parish of both Iowa State students and town residents.
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