GMD 133-135: National and Diocesan Structures

A brief chapter (GMD 133-136) discusses the bishops’ commitment to devoting personnel and personal effort to the cause.

The bishops begin with themselves.

Because this plan must involve every one of us, we bishops first of all pledge to implement it ourselves. We pledge, as shepherds of God’s people, to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ through welcome, mercy, and renewal. We pledge to continue being evangelized by the Gospel of Jesus as we meet him in our people and in the challenges of today’s world. (GMD 133)

Is the first answer always throwing bureaucracy at a challenge? Sometimes it seems so, doesn’t it? In GMD 134, the bishops pledge to add staff at Washington DC headquarters. They say they extend that pledge to chanceries. They also commit to working with priests and parish leaders.

Don’t get me wrong: parish pastors and even bishops desperately need help on the evangelization front. Most of them aren’t even at the point where they recognize the importance of evangelization. That’s a big gap.

If I were chatting with a bishop today, the first question on my mind (generally speaking) would be how he sees his commitment to evangelization, and not just the “new” and rebranded chit-chat of the 21st century.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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