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Friday Road Trip

Another college visit tomorrow. To a large public university to the south of us. 10AM start for the program, which means getting a pre-5AM start for a five-hour drive. The young miss seemed to have focused her college search to … Continue reading

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GMD 137-141: Concluding Prayer

The bishops conclude Go and Make Disciples with a prayer. We need this prayer. I would certainly agree that Catholics in the United States need renewal. With the bishops, I believe there is indeed a “hunger of our nation for … Continue reading

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The Numbers Narrative

Rochester’s local media dissects Bishop Matano’s presser yesterday. Are numbers important? There is hope that a new bishop will bring new energy and life to a diocese. Bishop Matano focused, it is observed, on settling sex abuse cases. Is that … Continue reading

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Mediator Dei 6

Pope Pius XII reminds bishops of his own initiatives, emphasizing seminary training in the externals of liturgy: 6. You are surely well aware that this Apostolic See has always made careful provision for the schooling of the people committed to … Continue reading

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Prayer in Greece

Aside from my hometown’s new bishop, another community I knew as a lad and young adult is in the news. The problem isn’t only┬áthat there’s prayer, but that it’s predominantly Christian. If only Greece non-Christians could sign up to offer … Continue reading

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Riding The Wave

Thanks to Rocco tweet-whispering my skeptical take on Rochester-is-progressive, this site enjoyed a top day for views yesterday. Still, people looking for readings for their wedding, or for a funeral topped the Rochester musings. So I haven’t been a total … Continue reading

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GMD 136: Every Catholic an Evangelizer

Structures don’t work unless people make them work. The bishops offer five ways in which believers can affirm the mission of Jesus Christ, even if their parish, diocese, and national conference offers them little or nothing: 1. Each individual Catholic … Continue reading

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