Mediator Dei 13-15

Pope Pius XII places liturgy in the larger context of human life. The Angelic Doctor:

13. It is unquestionably the fundamental duty of (humankind) to orientate (one’s) person and (one’s) life towards God. “For He it is to whom we must first be bound, as to an unfailing principle; to whom even our free choice must be directed as to an ultimate objective. It is He, too, whom we lose when carelessly we sin. It is He whom we must recover by our faith and trust.”[Saint Thomas, Summa Theologica, IIª IIª³ q. 81, art. 1] But (people) turns properly to God when (they) acknowledge His Supreme majesty and supreme authority; when (they) accept divinely revealed truths with a submissive mind; when (they) scrupulously obey divine law, centering in God (their) every act and aspiration; when (they) accord, in short, due worship to the One True God by practicing the virtue of religion.

God made us, and therefore it is incumbent on us to acknowledge this, to be a religious people in response to Divine Grace.

The responsibility is individual and communal:

14. This duty is incumbent, first of all, on (people) as individuals. But it also binds the whole community of human beings, grouped together by mutual social ties: (humankind), too, depends on the sovereign authority of God.

15. It should be noted, moreover, that (people) are bound by (their) obligation in a special way in virtue of the fact that God has raised them to the supernatural order.

On this last point, I remember seeing something in Ignatius of Loyola a reflection that God has given plants life, animals mobility and sensitivity, and human beings yet another stage of awareness and stature. Do we see ourselves as being called to supernature? Let alone being there?

Mediator Dei on the Vatican web site.


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