On My Bookshelf: Jesuit Saturdays

Jesuit SaturdaysI’ve spent the last few weeks paging through a collection of essays in William Byron’s slim volume subtitled Sharing the Ignatian Spirit with Friends and Colleagues.

With widespread fascination (or consternation) with Pope Francis, this book might have some valuable insights. One the whole, it looks at the Ignatian approach to education, celibacy, stewardship, vocations, and the Jesuit hallmark, discernment.

Did I say this was a “slim” volume? It’s very thoughtful. Fr Byron is a great writer, and unfolds his themes with personal experiences, the insights of other Jesuits, and a sense of history of his order and a profound attachment to the “company” founded by the intrepid 16rth century soldier-turned-mystic.

Highly recommended for people who intersect with Ignatian spirituality, or who are considering associating with the Jesuits.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to On My Bookshelf: Jesuit Saturdays

  1. John Donaghy says:

    Father Byron’s book is a little gem. He also wrote an interesting little book on business ethics, THE POWER OF PRINCIPLES. He was also the president of the University of Scranton after I graduated there, but while I was living in Scranton and teaching part-time there. He also was one of the persons St. Thomas Aquinas brought to ISU to speak. Glad you found his book.

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