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On My Bookshelf: The Milky Way

William Waller’s book is subtitled “An Insider’s Guide.” One might think that from inside a galaxy we know quite a bit about our own. And we do. Much of it has come in the fairly recent past. But inside doesn’t … Continue reading

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What Draws A Catholic Commentariat?

I surfed to the site of new Patheos blogger Billy Kangas. (Note: he has been an internet presence for six years.) In a little more than a week at the new digs the top commented posts are on Father Z … Continue reading

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Signal An End To Careerism?

Is this a sign of a Pope Francis initiative: more priests being called to helm a diocese? A big diocese to boot, as Rocco has the whisper of it here: (I)t is a sign of no small confidence in Olson … Continue reading

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Seeking Spiritual Union

Many of my Catholic sisters and brothers desire two colors. White. Black. Period. White and black give perfect clarity in all situations, and help one know exactly what to do. In the case of liturgy, when to sing, what to … Continue reading

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Priscilla’s Banquet

I wonder if I could subtitle this post, “Down the rabbit hole catacomb.” The guide says the woman is at a Eucharistic banquet, but the┬árevisionist version is “funeral.” From the HuffPo: The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, which includes … Continue reading

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Mediator Dei 25-27

Let’s start with two misconceptions about liturgy: 25. It is an error, consequently, and a mistake to think of the sacred liturgy as merely the outward or visible part of divine worship or as an ornamental ceremonial. No less erroneous … Continue reading

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