Priscilla’s Banquet

I wonder if I could subtitle this post, “Down the rabbit hole catacomb.”

The guide says the woman is at a Eucharistic banquet, but the revisionist version is “funeral.”

From the HuffPo:

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, which includes women who have been excommunicated by the Vatican for participating in purported ordination ceremonies, holds the images up as evidence that there were women priests in the early Christian church — and that therefore there should be women priests today.

But Fabrizio Bisconti, the superintendent of the Vatican’s sacred archaeology commission, said such a reading of the frescoes was pure “fable, a legend.” Even though the catacombs’ official guide says there is “a clear reference to the banquet of the Holy Eucharist” in the fresco, Bisconti said the scene of the banquet wasn’t a Eucharistic banquet but a funeral banquet. He said that even though women were present they weren’t celebrating Mass.

I suppose that even if there were women priests, the Roman authorities and their lion squadron wouldn’t distinguish between real Christians and heretics. A catacomb is a friend to all.

Seriously, this restoration doesn’t exactly make for convincing copy for all-male apologists.

On the bright side, maybe image #2 here will drum up trade in dalmatics.


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