Mediator Dei 28

A note on “personal piety” follows:

28. In this connection, Venerable Brethren, We desire to direct your attention to certain recent theories touching a so-called “objective” piety. While these theories attempt, it is true, to throw light on the mystery of the Mystical Body, on the effective reality of sanctifying grace, on the action of God in the sacraments and in the Mass, it is nonetheless apparent that they tend to belittle, or pass over in silence, what they call “subjective,” or “personal” piety.

It’s a difficult place. Not every sort of piety has appeal to every Catholic, and some expressions widely practiced by some are actively disliked by others.

My sense is that no “subjective” aspect escapes some dislike. Every believer has dislikes. And some refrain from expressing their dislikes, be it Marian piety, contemporary music, certain reading material, or the like. Bottom line: every person has likes and dislikes, and some express their negative views strongly to inappropriately, and it matters little whether the people involved are traditional-leaning or more “modern” in their tastes.

Mediator Dei on the Vatican web site.

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1 Response to Mediator Dei 28

  1. FrMichael says:

    I gather by this comment that Pius is referring to some internal debate within the pre-conciliar liturgical theologians. Perhaps Liam could pipe in on this thread, it would be interesting to know exactly what the Pope was referring to.

    BTW my prayers continue for your wife, but glad to hear that things are progressing in a good direction.

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