It’s About God

Pope Francis speaks on worship:

This is also valid for liturgical ceremonies: what is most important in this liturgical ceremony? Chants, rituals – they are all beautiful… but the most important thing is worship.

I see the Chant Café also picked up on the story. Good. We worship God. Not the musical genre, the texts of the propers, or the other peripherals of reform2.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to It’s About God

  1. Ben Dunlap says:

    Right, right. But of course no one actually *intends* to worship the rites, or the other worshipers, or the dancers, or the baby boomers with guitars. The question is whether some approaches to ritual more effectively focus the worshiper on God than others. What was your take on this part of his homily: “But I think – I say this humbly – that we Christians may have somewhat lost the ‘sense of worship’ , and we think: lets go to the Temple, lets come together as brothers and sisters”

    • Todd says:

      If people have lost a sense of worship, then the lure of community has probably replaced obligation as a non-godly motive. To be honest, I feel I’m too close to the North American worship experience to tell for sure. Are there individuals who treat Sunday Mass as primarily either an obligation or a community event? I’m sure there are. Are these initial missteps starting points from which we can instill that “sense of worship?” I think so. That’s how I strive to serve.

  2. Ben Dunlap says:

    And of course Francis wasn’t even contrasting worshiping God with worshiping something else. He was contrasting worshiping God with doing something other than worship (even something ‘buono e bello’). Much more interesting and challenging distinction.

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