Mediator Dei 34

The theme of knowledge and teaching is elaborated a bit here:

34. Here is the source of the harmony and equilibrium which prevails among the members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. When the Church teaches us our Catholic faith and exhorts us to obey the commandments of Christ, she is paving a way for her priestly, sanctifying action in its highest sense; she disposes us likewise for more serious meditation on the life of the divine Redeemer and guides us to profounder knowledge of the mysteries of faith where we may draw the supernatural sustenance, strength and vitality that enable us to progress safely, through Christ, towards a more perfect life. Not only through her ministers but with the help of the faithful individually, who have imbibed in this fashion the spirit of Christ, the Church endeavors to permeate with this same spirit the life and labors of (people) – their private and family life, their social, even economic and political life – that all who are called God’s children may reach more readily the end He has proposed for them.

I have to confess my surprise of the emphasis on human reason and rationalism. Is it enough for the Church to teach, even if there’s no particular guarantee of reception? This is part of the experience of liturgy, but the Church operates on a level beyond the mind, beyond reason, in how it presents Christ through worship.

Mediator Dei on the Vatican web site.

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