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Mediator Dei 41-43

Picking up on the notion of a priesthood established in the supernatural realm … 41. That is why the visible, external priesthood of Jesus Christ is not handed down indiscriminately to all members of the Church in general, but is … Continue reading

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Advent Music: E’en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come

If I were still directing an active ensemble of musicians and singers, I’d really want to program E’en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come. When I first heard this piece arranged and performed by the Modern Mandolin Quartet, I assumed it … Continue reading

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A Cardinal’s Perch

Rocco whispered to the secular media in his hometown: I’ve heard it from very good sources that at least one woman is probably going to end up being in a position that, until now, has been held by a Cardinal … Continue reading

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Caring For The Dying: Not Just For Religious

At the Catholic Herald, commentator Francis Phillips is concerned about the blossoming movement favoring euthanasia. He writes: It strikes me that the push for euthanasia in this country is driven by a cadre of influential atheists with a fear of … Continue reading

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Tabernacle From Japan

My friend Bill sent me an image of the Eucharistic Tabernacle from a Franciscan chapel in Tokyo. I wasn’t enamored of the choice to place it behind the presider’s chair. Otherwise, I found the design elegant in every way: the … Continue reading

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EG 5: The Gospel of Joy

Pope Francis cites numerous instances of joy in the Gospels and Acts. No portion seems bereft of it: the infancy narratives, the expression of the disciples, and even Jesus himself: 5. The Gospel, radiant with the glory of Christ’s cross, … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Romans 13:8-14

Some of this passage, the verses 11-14, is proclaimed on the First Sunday of Advent, cycle A. In my opinion, this is one of the best possible choices for an Advent communal service. Some people might focus on the commandments–this part … Continue reading

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