Checklist for the New Commission

Liam’s link didn’t work directly, but I was able to find Cardinal O’Malley’s statement with a little sleuthing. (Click here, then click “Inglese” if it comes up in Italian.) The new commission for the protection of minors includes this checklist:

  • guidelines for the protection of children
  • the development and extension of norms, procedures and strategies for the protection of children and the prevention of abuse of minors
  • educational programs for children, parents, and all those who work with minors
  • guidelines for catechists
  • (guidelines) for the formation of seminarians
  • the ongoing formation of priests
  • protocols for environmental safety codes of professional conduct
  • proof of suitability for priestly ministry
  • screening and checking of previous offenses
  • the state of action of requests for psychiatric evaluation
  • co-operation with the civil authorities
  • reporting of crimes
  • compliance with civil law
  • communications regarding clergy declared guilty
  • pastoral care for victims and their families
  • spiritual assistance
  • mental health services
  • collaboration with experts in the research and development of the prevention of abuse of minors, psychology, sociology, legal sciences
  • collaboration with bishops and religious superiors
  • optimization of procedures
  • implementation of laws and guidelines
  • relations with the faithful and with means of communication
  • encounters with victims
  • supervision and rehabilitation of clergy guilty of abuse.

Notably missing is addressing the problem of bishops who have ignored enacted norms or who have morally transgressed. Up to now the Vatican policy has been to “let ’em twist in the wind, consequences be damned.” I don’t see any difference, but it’s still pretty early in the new game for that. Bishops will have to be active collaborators. The diocese is where these efforts will be most strongly focused–as it should be.

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2 Responses to Checklist for the New Commission

  1. Liam says:

    Sorry about the link. It did work when I posted it (I always check by copying and pasting in a new browser window), but that was very soon after it went up, and I suspect it got a new address shortly thereafter.

  2. Jim McCrea says:

    A major problem is that this, like so many commissions, etc., is strictly ADVISORY. And Humanae Vitae is a good example with advice is ignored in favor of prudence/cowardice/timidit/whatever.

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