Homeschool Apostasy

Intriguing feature on young people who have rebelled from the excesses of the confluence of homeschooling and fundamentalism.

I’ve known Catholic homeschoolers in three cities who didn’t think the parish school was sufficiently Catholic. But many people I’ve known have been fine persons raising thoughtful kids. But some have emerged into adulthood with trauma.

About author Elizabeth Esther, an intriguing move into Catholicism:

Nothing easily fills the void. (She) found pop culture vapid and alienating and atheism bleak, a common experience for former fundamentalists. But when she tried going to different evangelical churches, she suffered panic attacks; it was too familiar and seemed to confirm her greatest fear: “I truly believed that leaving my family was tantamount to leaving God.” (She) ultimately found a home in Catholicism, which to her was appealingly mysterious and impersonal, a more comfortable way to practice her faith.

The extremists among homeschoolers are probably akin to the worst of institutional Catholicism: covering up abuse at all costs, even if it means letting predators roam free.

Check the Homeschoolers Anonymous site.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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