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World Cup Draw

I watched coverage from Brazil this morning. The young miss said it was a good thing her cell was on silent during 4th period. I think I sent about 20 texts. Our associate pastor is from Ghana, so we’ll have … Continue reading

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Hay, It’s the Cat

New pet Rosalind (named for the dark gray thirteenth moon of Uranus) entertains a guest in her apartment. We’ve had cats that have behaved like dogs. Gambit is the first to nibble hay like a rabbit. His host doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Mediator Dei 57-58

Mediator Dei on the Vatican web site–read more there any time. Today, the founding of what today is known as the CDWDS, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments: 57. The Church has further used her … Continue reading

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Father Comes Home

RNS columnist Kevin Eckstrom thinks the plans for the post-nuptials are in bad taste. I don’t begrudge a couple that wants to travel. I am curious about this timetable of Thomas Williams than I am about his and his bride’s … Continue reading

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Need Not Creed

Bishop Kicanas emphasizes the “need not creed” principle in this video. The negative comments are a hoot.

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WoC: The Saint Nicholas Perspective

It’s the 6th of December and it’s the feast day of one of our favorite seasonal saints. I listened to a few more holiday stations while transporting the young miss to school today. This week’s radio count now stands at … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Five Billion Years of Solitude

Lee Billings has written a very worthy first book, one of the best science volumes I have ever read. This young science journalist manages to describe the search for life in the universe with intelligence–but unburdened by technical details. One … Continue reading

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EG 11: Eternal Newness

I’ve approach the notion of a “new” evangelization with skepticism. Not because I disagree with the need for evangelization. Far from it. The limiting of evangelization to those already baptized? Really? The vapid criticism of “new” church, but not a … Continue reading

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