Longing For The Past

I see two Pope Benedict images posted yesterday on the Chant Café.

PrayTell linked and translated this piece on the lament of Georg Gänswein:

I must be honest with myself about this. It is an ache, finding my way with a new role. I have the impression that I live in two worlds.

Personally, I can’t imagine not being in the trenches. An archbishop bouncing as secretary between two other bishops? What meaning is there in that? A lay person could fill that role. A woman. Maybe even a non-believer. Sometimes the ache is self-inflicted through a misdiagnosis or flawed discernment.

On Pope Francis:

I wait every day for another innovation, what will be different today.

Some might find that a joy: new adventures, new opportunities, new ways of addressing a tired world that remains largely untouched by faith. When I travel, for instance, I look forward to new eating experiences, to meeting different people, to seeing how folks live in other places, how they enjoy their lives through the arts, sports, parks, and even things like shopping or driving.

Will the ways of 1962, 1947, 1903, 1870, 1570 suffice any longer? The past is best honored by remembering and celebrating triumphs, and by contrition for mistakes. Not trying to recreate it like another Hollywood remake.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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