Putting The Curia To Work

… sacramentally speaking, of course.

In this initiative, the pope has to know that the 44 curial officials frequently preside at the Eucharist. Most likely do so daily somewhere or the other. In fact, I’m sure there’s some attention to the requirement/strong advice that a priest preside at Mass daily.

So that’s two sacraments taken care of. Maybe cardinals can be responsible for confirmations in their parishes. Take a turn anointing the sick in hospitals and care facilities.

This probably puts further kibosh on the thought that lay people will be named to head Vatican departments. We can’t hear confessions. But we could assist couples preparing for marriage or infant baptism.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Putting The Curia To Work

  1. Devin says:

    It still could happen. At least with some departments. The CDF will probably always be headed by a bishop and composed mainly of bishops and priests due to the teaching nature of the office. But certainly other congregations could be led by lay people. The only problem I see is that initally lay people wouldn’t be taken as “seriously” in their respective positions or that a congregation headed by layperson would seen as “downgrading” the importance of the congregations compared to other departments necessarily led by bishops. But these are not reasons to stop discussion but simply to move cautiously.

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