12 Days of Football

The young miss and I follow the goings-on of the English Premier League. This morning while I accompany the 10:30 Mass, she will be home following one of her two favorite teams (Everton) playing one of my two favorite teams (Swansea).

In surfing to the Premier League site, turns out they recognize the Twelve Days of Christmas on the right side of the 25 December feast. Mostly:

(F)or fans of the Barclays Premier League ’tis the season to be jolly, as they are about to be treated to a festive feast of 40 football fixtures over the coming 12 days.

Four matches for each team in less than two weeks is a burden, but two things:

  • They start on Boxing Day, sort of … the linked article includes this weekend’s fixtures.
  • Fans at home can enjoy some good football

Having attended an outside NFL game once in December (but no more) I could see myself in a slightly more temperate British stadium.

At least one player. Michael Gray, loves it:

I absolutely love it. As a footballer, playing matches is what you thrive for.

The Christmas period is the best time for the fans as well as the players. The atmosphere is the grounds seems to be raised a few notches. It’s just a great feeling round the stadium.

When you look around just before the start of the match and you see all the fans in their Santa suits and Smurf outfits, you know they have come for a great out and as a player, you hope to entertain them as well as coming  away with the win.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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