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Good Football, Bad Football

I have to say, I cannot pick football teams. On either side of the Atlantic. Since a late 70’s rejuvenation, I’ve followed this team through thick and mostly thin. One of our grad students is from near my hometown of … Continue reading

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Mediator Dei 95-97

“Private” Masses. I’ve never attended one. I stumbled across one once, traversing a sacristy at a college staffed by a men’s religious order. I quickly exited, experiencing surprise, alarm, and a distinct sense of trespass. Pope Pius XII restates some … Continue reading

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CNS put up a short interview with the Anchoress today, several months after her book on idolatry came out. (Reviewed earlier here.) CNS struck me as poking a bit with their headline, “Pope Francis craze may be idolatry …” Turns … Continue reading

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Duck and Cover

A friend of mine is a Duck Dynasty fan. I haven’t spoken with him about it, but inter-office gossip has it that it was unintentional on his part. So when I heard about Phil Robertson giving an interview to GQ … Continue reading

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WoC Post-Game

When I was a more hardcore sports fan, I loved the post-game. My wife might have though tit was time to change the channel to some PBS Mystery, but I liked to catch Chris Berman on ESPN after the last … Continue reading

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Do It Right

Catholic political blogger Thomas Peters seems well into his recovery from a devastating spinal cord accident, getting back into writing this month here and here. He seems disinclined to play to his base, the hard-core GOP 6% who disapprove of Pope … Continue reading

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EG 33: Pastoral Ministry in a Missionary Key

Let’s finish up Chapter One’s second subsection, “Pastoral activity and conversion.” Addressing the creep of tradition, the statement “But we’ve always done it this way,” Pope Francis makes an important suggestion. 33. Pastoral ministry in a missionary key seeks to … Continue reading

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