Good Football, Bad Football

I have to say, I cannot pick football teams. On either side of the Atlantic. Since a late 70’s rejuvenation, I’ve followed this team through thick and mostly thin. One of our grad students is from near my hometown of Rochester, and for the past few years, our greeting at music rehearsal before Sunday 7pm Mass has most often been a grimace.

The young miss prefers the world’s football, aka soccer. She has her teams, and I, not really knowing any better, decided to go with an underdog or two. One was returning to top level British football for the first time in fifty-one years. The other just got to the Premier League a few years ago.

It would figure that these two teams seem rather steeped in angst and such. One is in the middle of a rather ugly row between fans and the wealthy owner who sacked a popular and successful manager. After a promising start, the team has sunk nearly to relegation level. Yesterday’s match was most disappointing.

The other, seemingly, can’t decide whether or not it wants to be good:

The Swans were at it again during Monday night’s 1-1 draw with Hull, a game in which apparently three sides took part; bad Swansea, good Swansea, and Hull City.

Oh my. That sounds familiar.

More Premier League on tv tomorrow. Neither team from Wales is on NBCSN. I could monitor the progress from the computer, from the top bar on the tube while other teams are playing. Or I could just go to church early and work. Or pray.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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