Friday Festivities

Emerged from the home mid-afternoon yesterday to brave shopping and get a bite to eat.

Upon arrival back home, the young miss was napping on the floor during Inspector Lewis and Gambit was left to wonder why we weren’t playing this most interesting game:

gambit and catanNo Gregorian chant in our Christmas tree. The coyotes were all over traditional metered fare:

coyote carols in tree
More mischief: earlier in the day, I caught the bunny up in my wife’s recliner. Psst! Don’t tell.

rosalind in chair

Not only did she nibble on a random gift envelope, but she chewed someone’s purse strap in two.

Later on, the young miss emerged from slumber. Ginny assists with Cat-an:

Br ginny catan

That robber in the clay hills was my undoing. My wife’s broad settlement of the middle of the board was triumphant: longest road, one city, five settlements, and a victory point. Score ten.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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