On the Road for a Holy Day Mass

We’ve been in Kansas City the past few days visiting with friends. The young miss, my wife and I had a spot of shopping to do for the party tonight, then we visited a parish nearby for Mass.

A good friend of mine is still the liturgist and music director there. He wasn’t on duty tonight, but a trio of women served capably on piano, organ, and voices. As always it was nice to worship and not worry about stuff. I noticed a few things, like running out of the Precious Blood by row 4. There were a lot of people at this Mass. The usual elderly suspects, but also many families, Anglo and Hispanic both.

We arrived in church about a half hour early, and I was attempting to meditate on Matthew 1:18-24. Not successful. But not because of any chatter. But for some reason, I was deeply touched singing “O Little Town Of Bethlehem.” That song has never really been on my radar. But for some reason, tonight, after a grace-filled celebration of Mass, I felt touched by the spirit of Christmas.

They also had a hymn board on rollers that could be moved up and down the wall. Darned clever, I thought. An idea worth copying.

My friend deserves a call or email. His parishioners sang very well, and they came out in numbers. Well done.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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