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Mediator Dei 159-161

Easter joy: 159. At the Paschal season, which commemorates the triumph of Christ, our souls are filled with deep interior joy: we, accordingly, should also consider that we must rise, in union with the Redeemer, from our cold and slothful … Continue reading

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Patheos Scores the Jesuits

Strolling around the Catholic blogosphere today, I was seeing a lot of Rolling Stone commentary. I also noticed that a branch office of the Jesuit Post has set up shop there. That is sure to rankle a few souls over … Continue reading

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EG 68: Challenges to Inculturating the Faith

Evangelii Gaudium addresses “Challenges to inculturating the faith” over the next three paragraphs (68-70). I was struck first by Pope Francis’ reference to “authentic Christian humanism,” a topic I stumbled across a few months ago. He also seems optimistic about … Continue reading

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Stem Cells Made Easy?

Looks like an end to ESCR. Hopefully. The “personalized” medicine is important. ESCR, if it ever got off the ground, would have to deal with the rejection of tissue, just like any transplant.

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Zechariah 1:1-6

Prophets from Elijah to John the Baptist urged people to repentance. Such advice often went unheeded.¬†They also remind us this has all happened before. The post-Exilic community, in joy at the return from Babylon, clearly needed a repeat of the … Continue reading

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Mediator Dei 157-158

The seventeen-day period prior to Lent is referenced here, as is that prime penitential season: 157. During the days of Septuagesima and Lent, our Holy Mother the Church over and over again strives to make each of us seriously consider … Continue reading

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Just a Little Hot Weather

The latest story of astronomy curiosity is the mapping of clouds on the nearest brown dwarf, Luhman 16B, only 40 trillion miles away*. Universe Today has an in-depth feature. The weather report of 1700-degree winds and iron rain is considered … Continue reading

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