Leaving a Message

Imagine getting a call from Pope Francis and it going to voice mail. Rorate Caeli linked it, as well as the audio. En Español.

What are the nuns doing that they can’t answer [the phone]? I am Pope Francis, I wish to greet you in this end of the year, I will see if I can call you later. May God bless you!

I wouldn’t expect a call back, but I would be concerned about missing that first call. Not likely, as the Holy Father isn’t conversant in English, and I would probably need to listen to it an extra few times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, then that I could perceive the message.

Curious how RC refers to the Petrine ministry of Pope Francis. I seriously doubt that they would recognize a “Ratzinger pontificate” or a “Wojtyla pontificate.” Needless to say, a fan club from that quarter, like this one, is not forthcoming.

And they talk about the cult of celebrity. Sheesh.

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Todd and his family live in Ames, Iowa. He serves a Catholic parish of both Iowa State students and town residents.
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One Response to Leaving a Message

  1. Liam says:

    Actually, RC has long affected the common Italian usage of papal surnames in this matter. They have referred to the Ratzinger pontificate and Pope Ratzinger, and Pope Wojtyla, et cet.

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