Winter Weather

winter-drivingFor those of you in the central and northeastern part of North America, I wish and pray for safety and warmth in the days to come. I was reading that the state of Minnesota has cancelled school on Monday. Some northern Iowa communities have done the same. Our school district remains open save catastrophe, so I expect the young miss will be bundled up when the school bus rumbles by at 6:48AM the day after tomorrow.

On New Year’s Day driving home, we hit squall and snow about a half-hour north of Kansas City. The road itself was relatively clear. But three cars and a truck had spun off into the I-35 median on the way to Des Moines. You have to use good sense when driving. Winter snow and ice is no time to get cocky. When I was younger and more bold I did so, and ended upside down and twenty feet off the road.

The occasional passing truck would add considerable opacity to the driving experience. My wife usually sleeps on long road trips. Not so this time. She was saying the rosary in the front seat next to me. The young miss opted for sound sleep in the back. Just like ten years ago–some things never change. How kids can sleep through that, totally trusting the parent in the front seat will get them home safely–that’s a feeling I don’t foresee a return to having.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Winter Weather

  1. John McGrath says:

    I’ll be praying for people in the central states. I live in the northeast (New England), and have taken long walks every day in the snow or after snow, with very few places shoveled. But this is a walker’s neighborhood so paths were made earlier in the day through shoe power. It was quite comfortable and the coffee shops (all local, no big chains) were open and made a nice resting place midway through then walk. So in some cities here in the northeast – in many neighborhoods – tings are OK. The buses are running normally, even up steep hills. But the Midwest seems truly oppressed by the weather. God help the people there, and I hope they help each other.

  2. Jim McCrea says:

    Those of us on the Left Coast are facing a major drought early in 2014.

    We’d be willing to swap some of our dry weather for some of your snow in our mountains so there can be snowpack to melt and feed our reservoirs.

    It ain’t fair!

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