Mediator Dei 111-112

This first paragraph today emphasizes the importance of what lies beneath the surface, not just the externals:

111. But however much variety and disparity there may be in the exterior manner and circumstances in which the Christian laity participate in the Mass and other liturgical functions, constant and earnest effort must be made to unite the congregation in spirit as much as possible with the divine Redeemer, so that their lives may be daily enriched with more abundant sanctity, and greater glory be given to the heaven Father.

A greater holiness among believers translates to greater glory for God. Truly holy people acknowledge with gratefulness the action of God in life, his grace for them.

112. The august sacrifice of the altar is concluded with communion or the partaking of the divine feast. But, as all know, the integrity of the sacrifice only requires that the priest partake of the heavenly food. Although it is most desirable that the people should also approach the holy table, this is not required for the integrity of the sacrifice.

Integrity is one standard which I believe has been eclipsed. A more perfect expression of the celebration of the Eucharist involves a people cooperating with grace, nourished by the sacrament, and nourished under both forms. This would be an example of what Pope Francis describes in Evangelii Gaudium 43, a tradition that no longer communicates the essence of the Gospel.

Mediator Dei is on the Vatican web site here.

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