The Armchair Liturgist: Presidential Chair in a Small Chapel

I‘ve noticed at PrayTell they have a variation on the Armchair Liturgist feature, non solum, to discuss optional matters of liturgy and worship. I like this series so far.

daily Mass presider chairHere’s a good issue to discuss while sitting in the armchair here: the presidential chair in a small chapel.

As you see from the image on the left, our parish chapel uses a chair distinctive only in the upholstery on the back. Otherwise, it’s identical to the occasional armchair we intersperse through the assembly to accommodate those who might need it.

Our chapel seats about sixty. Would a larger chapel make a difference in your thinking? Should the presider chair be different? If so, how?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to The Armchair Liturgist: Presidential Chair in a Small Chapel

  1. Brendan Kelleher svd says:

    Simple answer – Yes. Why should the smallness of the worship space justify skimping on the essential elements, particularly those that have a central role in the shaping of the liturgy? The USCCB, the Bishops Conference of England and Wales and Paul Turner in their respective pastoral commentaries on the GIRM and the rubrics rightly, I believe, place the norms on furniture near the very beginning. Placed at the back, as is the case with the GIRM, seems to lead some to considering the material optional, or in worse case scenarios going unread. I have an album of photos of Churches here in Japan where sanctuaries have been arranged without adeqaute attention being paid to the norms given in the GIRM. The liturgical space/place and what are placed in it shape the celebration. Condoning compromise in the small chapel can lead to condoning similar compromise in the main Church.

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