Budget Saints

The era of John Paul II saw unprecedented numbers of saints, and presumably, large sums of money exchange hands between people. Making saints will not be a matter of business so much under Pope Francis, it seems. From Cardinal Angelo Amato and the news bit at Vatican Insider:

As of this year, postulators and actors of canonization causes will have to abide by a “reference price” to help keep a lid on costs. The decision is in tune with Francis’ call for sobriety and fairness to avoid “causes being treated differently.”

David Gibson at RNS suggests Dorothy Day, in the pipeline somewhere, would suggest we spend the money on the poor.

I’d like to see this bit of martyrology devolved from Rome, except for saints to be observed in the universal Church. National conferences could surface regional or local saints to be honored in certain ways: inclusion in Easter Vigil litanies, pilgrimage shrines, faith formation materials. Biography is a great way to form people in the faith, especially the young.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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