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Marriages Mixed and Pure

PrayTell reported on divorce rates as a function of religious identification, Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, and no belief. C P E N C 29% 24% 40% 26% P 24% 42% 32% 63% E 40% 32% 32% 61% N 26% 63% 61% … Continue reading

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Near Misses With the Jesuits: You’ve Got Mail

When I was in the post-college discernment group for potential seminarians in the early 80’s, the diocesan vocations director asked me if I was considering religious orders. With my affirmative answer, he said he would communicate my name to various … Continue reading

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Mediator Dei 132-133

The development of lay spirituality of adoration has led to some developments in worship. 132. Now, the Church in the course of centuries has introduced various forms of this worship which are ever increasing in beauty and helpfulness: as, for … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: 1 John 4:16-21

This brief reading concludes chapter four of Saint John’s first letter. It has the merit of brevity. It also wraps up an important biblical theme: gratitude. God loves us so much. Do we in turn offer love to others? If … Continue reading

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EG 55: Idolatry of Money

John Donaghy has already alerted us to the use of the word “idolatry” in the English translation, and some questions about the Spanish fetichismo. Perhaps a blending of the two is worth considering. Idolatry implies a religious worship. Fetish brings … Continue reading

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