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Grant Gallicho is not letting up on bishops. He blogs today about two priests allowed to go free in Chicago despite recommendations otherwise from review boards. From the conclusion:

The church has learned a lot since the 2002 wave of scandals broke. Its laypeople and clergy are better educated about sexual abuse. They’re taught what to look out for. Children and adults alike are encouraged not to keep misconduct to themselves. But no set of sexual-abuse policies is perfect. And in Catholic dioceses, they remain subject to the whims of bishops. Who knows what led George to reject his review board’s recommendations? But we do know what happened when he failed to follow them.

It doesn’t seem to matter about the ideology of a bishop. Nearly the entire American episcopacy appointed mid-80’s to 2013 was tapped as culture warriors. While the recent generation may not have had as many wolves in the fold, they sure seem to have failed to care for the most vulnerable in spectacular ways at times. And these are the one we know about. The high-profile JP2 bishops were in Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago. We also had St Paul-Minneapolis, Kansas City, Manchester, and Santa Rosa. And again–these are the ones we know about. A big handful of trespassers raises questions about any diocese. If there are no scandals, either there are really none, or they have been more carefully hidden. The “revising” of history suggests that perhaps some scandals are so heinous some pull the wool over their own eyes.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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