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Mediator Dei 147-149: Psalms

The Psalms, ah! 147. The Psalms, as all know, form the chief part of the divine office. They encompass the full round of the day and sanctify it. Cassiodorus speaks beautifully about the Psalms as distributed in his day throughout … Continue reading

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The Meme Of Banal

I notice over at the Chant Cafe some discussion about reform2 Americans reforming Roman liturgical music. (Paul went there, so I suppose …) It rung a bell with some Praise Music as performance I saw there from earlier this week. … Continue reading

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Aparecida 30-31: The Evangelizing Mission

The last section of this chapter is devoted specifically to the church’s mission of evangelization – the what and the how. Paragraph 30 presents a summary of the message: God’s love, “good news for the poor and sinners,” and above … Continue reading

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EG 63: Bureaucratic and Unwelcoming

Pope Francis acknowledges two vectors: fundamentalist religion which gives people the answers, and a godless spirituality which accepts any answer the individual devises. (Over-simplification, I admit.) 63. The Catholic faith of many peoples is nowadays being challenged by the proliferation … Continue reading

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