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Mediator Dei 150

Let’s wrap up Pope Pius XII’s examination of the Liturgy of the Hours with a look at possible lay participation: 150. In an earlier age, these canonical prayers were attended by many of the faithful. But this gradually ceased, and, … Continue reading

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EG 64: Developing Mature Moral Values

Pope Francis writes of the individualistic mentality some bring to Christianity. The lack of a communal orientation leads to this list of undesirable qualities: 64. The process of secularization tends to reduce the faith and the Church to the sphere … Continue reading

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Blow But No Snow

Yesterday morning I got up early, and my wife had left a note on the clothes dresser, “Blizzard Warning, Story County.” I heard the wind and looked out: completely dry. No snow. One does need snow to engage blizzard conditions. … Continue reading

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