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Pope Francis + Rolling Stone Cover

Since the late 60’s isn’t a whole lot of history and tradition. But it seems significant that a pope has a first cover for The Rolling Stone. Jimmy Mac sent me the whole article. A few highlights: After the disastrous … Continue reading

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Mediator Dei 151-153

Let’s turn our attention to the liturgical year according to Pope Pius XII: 151. Throughout the entire year, the Mass and the divine office center especially around the person of Jesus Christ. This arrangement is so suitably disposed that our … Continue reading

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Reconciliation Lectionary: Ephesians 6:10-18

Christians have always struggled to understand sin. We know something is wrong. Yet we still do it. Saint Paul struggled mightily with this, if we are to read between the lines of his letters. Many Christian saints struggled heroically against … Continue reading

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A Great Decline

So much for the meme that Vatican II caused the Great Decline of Catholicism. The commonality, not the causation of course, for Catholicism was missing the opportunity for a much-improved MR2 to replace the interim missal we had since the … Continue reading

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Aparecida 32: The Face of Christ

The final paragraph of this chapter on “Missionary disciples” is a short reflection on the face of Christ in the suffering.  In the face of Jesus Christ, dead and risen, bruised for our sins and glorified by the Father, in … Continue reading

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Adapting Catechumenate Rites

A recent comment from Ashwin Acharya got me thinking. His post begs the question: why is a school and not a parish conducting RCIA? He has an intriguing plan for students: (S)everal teenage students will be receiving the Sacraments of … Continue reading

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EG 65: Catholicism Still Has Cred

In Evangelii Gaudium Pope Francis reminds us that we still have credibility in the world. 65. Despite the tide of secularism which has swept our societies, in many countries – even those where Christians are a minority – the Catholic Church … Continue reading

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No Mercy in August: Osage County

Yesterday my wife and I did what we rarely do: see a movie in a theater. I was hoping for The Hobbit, but it was already gone from the first-run multiplex and not yet in the discount movie house. So … Continue reading

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Breakfast of Scholars

In the old days (before adolescence) I frequently prepared a hot breakfast for the young miss. In the modern era, maximizing sleep is a concern. There is often a single-digit number of minutes between waking and running for the bus. … Continue reading

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