Breakfast of Scholars

pancakeIn the old days (before adolescence) I frequently prepared a hot breakfast for the young miss. In the modern era, maximizing sleep is a concern. There is often a single-digit number of minutes between waking and running for the bus.

My wife suggested that the morning of standardized testing deserved some extra attention. To my surprise, the young miss agreed. So it was early to bed for me last night and up at 5:45 (before adolescent emergence) to fix pancakes.

It must have been the first time at home since we moved back to Iowa five-and-a-half years ago. I actually had to consult The Joy of Cooking to get this right.

Also used the fancy techno-material skillet. Cake number two came out fine.

The young miss had hers with syrup and kiwi fruit. I chose the lime marmalade she got me for Christmas from the fair trade store in town.

The friendly breakfast banter of years past was replaced by a sleepy intermittent silence.

As for the testing, I hope that will go well, though I think it’s more for school and state prestige than for college entrance requirements. One less coffee purchased from our McCorporate masters, one slight uptick in test scores. The state of Iowa can thank me.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Breakfast of Scholars

  1. Liam says:

    This reminds me of a delight near your old stomping grounds, Todd: the meltaway buckwheat pancakes at the Maple Tree Inn in Angelica NY (Southern Tier).

    So popular that I’ve seen helicopters parked on the field on the hill across from the inn, but a democratic line that can last over an hour to get in….

    Western NY (well, south of the western half of the Finger Lakes) is American’s Buckwheat Belt, as it were. When I am unable to visit family near Rochester during the latter half of winter, they always buy me a couple of small sacks of the inn’s fabulous pancake mix (just add water, no eggs or milk; these are thin pancakes of the meltaway type). The closest thing to the inn’s own closely-guarded proprietary mix is milled in Penn Yann and sold by Birkett Mills:

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