Just a Little Hot Weather

The latest story of astronomy curiosity is the mapping of clouds on the nearest brown dwarf, Luhman 16B, only 40 trillion miles away*. Universe Today has an in-depth feature.

The weather report of 1700-degree winds and iron rain is considered “exotic,” but that name-calling is just bias against high temperature conditions.

Weather is just the interaction of substances at different temperatures in the universe. Matter forming into droplets (liquid) or crystals (solid) and falling through an atmosphere (gas) is just an entertaining local change in conditions. One minute one might be sailing through super-hot supersonic winds, and the next metal rain is splashing on the ship. No problem, one hopes. Suggestion: leave the convertible on Planet Earth.

Here on Earth these days, I’ve been enjoying high altitude water crystals channeling sunlight. Woof woof. Only a thousand or two degrees cooler. Balmy, compared to this stuff.

*For perspective, only four stars are closer to the sun than the Luhman 16 pair.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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