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Lost Bread

My Monday sacristan reported this morning we were out of large altar breads–the size we use on Sunday. Just last month I had a supply of a few hundred. One of our parishioners asked me what the attraction might be, … Continue reading

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Monstrance Latch

The archbishop came to visit last week. Unfortunately, at Benediction, he was the latest victim of the swinging door on the monstrance. I realize now how important that class, “Liturgical Shop,” would have been in grad school. Future liturgists and … Continue reading

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Mediator Dei 166-168

Then, as is true today, saints are important to us Catholic believers: 166. In the course of the liturgical year, besides the mysteries of Jesus Christ, the feasts of the saints are celebrated. Even though these feasts are of a … Continue reading

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Stones Keep Rolling

“The Cover” is several days old but the commentary on it continues to roll out. After a few days, perhaps said commentary becomes a little more thoughtful and nuanced. From Twitter, I was alerted to Lincoln’s Bishop James Conley’s piece in First … Continue reading

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EG 71: Challenges From Urban Cultures

In Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis turns our attention to “Challenges from urban cultures.” 71. The new Jerusalem, the holy city (cf. Rev 21:2-4), is the goal towards which all of humanity is moving. It is curious that God’s revelation tells … Continue reading

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On A Caribbean Island

Two nations, one island. Fascinating history, but far from a beautiful one–in contrast to the lovely surroundings. Miami Herald commentary on the elevation of Chibly Langlois, a simple bishop–no arch–to the red hat. Comparing Haiti and the Dominican Republic: Langlois, … Continue reading

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