On A Caribbean Island

Two nations, one island. Fascinating history, but far from a beautiful one–in contrast to the lovely surroundings.

Miami Herald commentary on the elevation of Chibly Langlois, a simple bishop–no arch–to the red hat. Comparing Haiti and the Dominican Republic:

Langlois, in other words, is a stark contrast to the 77-year-old Cardinal López, who seems not to have gotten any of the recent papal memos.

Last September the Dominican Republic’s high court ruled that anyone born in the D.R. after 1929 can have their citizenship stripped if their parents were undocumented immigrants or non-Dominicans. Most affected by the decision: about a quarter million Haitian-Dominicans, who are now left stateless. The international community has decried the ruling, and Haitians say it’s racist. But López recently called the ruling’s critics “liars and charlatans.”

López had also blamed the clerical sexual abuse scandal in the United States on what he called an incursion of “effeminate” priests, and he insisted priestly pedophilia could never happen in the Dominican Republic. But these days el cardenal is having to apologize to Dominicans for abuse cases in his own archdiocese.

I wonder if bishops from the two nations are on speaking terms.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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